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About the Group

The Fiveways Artists Group, started in 1982 by Ned Hoskins, has grown into the 30 Open Houses open in the Fiveways area. There are now 14 different art trails (206 venues) in and around Brighton & Hove, all of which are part of the Artists Open Houses (AOH) organisation.

Over the years the Fiveways Artists Group has become an integral feature of the Brighton Festival. The Group's aim is to exhibit original works of art of a high quality in an informal domestic setting. Each house has its own approach to the selection and display of its artworks, so that there is an individual character to each of them which expresses the wide range of media and style of the members and their guest artists. This makes the Fiveways Artists Open Houses a stimulating visit on a May weekend.

The members of the Fiveways Artists Group all live and work as full or part time professional artists within the Group's catchment area, which is named after the Fiveways junction on the Ditchling Road. Their guest artists are also professional artists and come from all over the country and sometimes from abroad.